RVing full-time with mental illnesses

RVing full-time

RVing full-time with mental illnesses is an adventure. My name is Bonny J. I live with my husband, whom I have been with just under seven years, and our 11-year-old son. Our eight-year-old Chihuahua named Bruiser also resides with us.

We chose this way of life with the hope that our journey to live our lives more like  The Minimalists will ground us. We also hope to reduce our Ecological Footprint (our impact on Mother Earth, if you will). I hope that it will also give us a better quality of life, individually, and as a family. Let us embark on my amazing, crazy journey of living with mental illness, while also RVing full-time.

Item Description: A sandy desert with a small patch of some sort of green shrubbery that is low to the ground toward the bottom right side of the photo. Just behind it is a long silver RV with the front windows facing in the direction of the right side of the photo. It's the type of RV that you drive, not the type that you pull behind a vehicle. Above it in the background is a light blue sky. Clouds run along the horizon across the picture from the left and they stop right before the back of the RV. They rise upward into the sky in the center of the photo and also behind the RV a little bit. There is a small line of clouds that run from the left side near the top of the photo into the mass of clouds on the horizon.
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
Lewis Carroll
RVing full-time with a mental illness, right out loud

Self-proclaimed hippie, I am. Blessed with a creative mind and spirit; I am colorful, capricious, and eccentric. I have an amazing life, which I am grateful for, every single day. The Universe brought to me the half that makes my heart whole. We got married June 18, 2011, and he loves me unconditionally. My husband deals with mental illness, as well. He does not have a mental illness, but we live together, so he deals with it. A wonderful family and friends and an amazing medical support system are all on my side. I deal with Bipolar 1 Mixed – Rapid Cycling, OCD, PTSD, depression, anxiety…the list is long. In addition, a few physical disabilities threw in, just to mix things up a bit. My hope is that this journey together will help you learn something about me. Moreover, maybe you will learn a little something about yourself.

RV living tips, etc

I plan to give you all sorts of tips and tricks about REAL RV living. Everything, ranging from organizing ideas to things I have watched on YouTube. Some videos I watched that I found to be super helpful. As well as, some videos, that made me overly nervous for absolutely no reason. I will tell you some of the many things I love about living in an RV full-time. I will also be expressing some things I do not love about it. “Green Living” ideas and how-to’s, from my highly intelligent and extremely mechanically inclined husband, are in the works. I will share our wonderful and not-so-wonderful adventures in RVing…on the road, and off. In addition, some interesting, funny, and lovable snippets of my children and grandchildren will be in the mix. I will also be divulging a few not-so-funny snippets.

Item Description: A rectangle photo with a pale blue background with approximately the top 1/3 of several art supplies showing. From left to right there are the following items. A blue and silver handled precision blade with a silver blade. Next to it is a blue and silver handled Phillips screwdriver with a silver head. They seem to be a pair because the handles seem to be the same materials and they are the same colors but they aren't the same type of handle. There is a small space and then there are two paint brushes together. The first you can only see the silver part of the top of the brush and the flat, wide, white bristles. The one next to it has a small bit of a yellow-orange handle showing, then the silver and the fine tip of dark brown bristles. Another small space and there are three finely sharpened pencils together. The first is teal, the second is yellow, the third is red. Beside them are two square, gray trays. They each have what looks like dry, unused watercolor paint in them. The first is green, the second is orange. The paint circles in them are closer to the edge on the bottom side leaving a small ledge on the top side.
“I have a deep love for colors, crafting, and creating, but scrapbooking…scrapbooking is Zen.”
Let’s get crafty

I have a deep love for colors, photography, crafting, and creating, but scrapbooking…scrapbooking is Zen. Therefore, I will be sharing some tips and tricks I have learned over the years. You will see some of my very own creations, as well. I am going to do some product reviews on some crafting items. On some things I love, as well as, some things I really regret spending money on that I could have used to buy things that I like. In addition, I will be sharing some of my favorite websites and videos with you. Some will be originals – some are from videos that I have found on the Internet.

This is on a more personal note

I will also be sharing several things on a more personal and spiritual level with you. Relationship struggles and victories, parenting/step-parenting struggles and victories, and of course, illness struggles and victories. I will discuss both my mental and physical struggles. I will share links to websites and videos that I find to be valuable resources. Some of the many avenues I travel, which help me wade through this amazing, crazy life of mine. Hopefully, they will be of good use to you, as well.

Item Description: A brown desk with a blurry laptop in the background to the left. The laptop is silver with a black keyboard and a black screen with some text on the screen. An off-white wall behind the table is out of focus and has a large darker irregular spot but it is too blurry to recognize. A blurry black and white coffee cup, with a white handle that is facing right, has some white writing on it, is in the right top corner of the photo. In the center of the photo, in clear focus, there is a journal lying open on the desk. The pages are tan with no writing. There is a silver pen lying in the crack of the journal. It has a pink ribbon page marker about 2 inches long, which is hanging out the bottom of the journal. On the right side of the journal, there is a small loop which looks like it holds the pen when not writing. There is also a small tan square at the bottom right corner of the back cover of the journal which is probably an elastic to hold the journal closed while transporting it.
“From the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain.”

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to follow my journey. Please leave a comment. I would love to know what you would, or would not, like more of. Grab your favorite thirst quencher, sit back, and relax. Take a look at the list of my other blog posts located on the right side of the screen.  If something catches your eye, please give it a read. I hope you enjoy your time with me.

Welcome to my amazing crazy!

Bonny J