Blogging is harder than I thought

Blogging is harder than I thought it would be. I have loads of ideas bouncing around my brain, at practically every waking moment. There are so many things I want to blog about. Yet, every day I continually sit here, not blogging.

I have finally finished my very first blog post. Just two short weeks after I set up this blog site, I have published my first post. Who would have thought it? I have actually revised the post on my front page so many times since I first posted it. This is one of the many joys of having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

If you have this affliction, you know my struggle. If you do not, but know someone who does, I have some resources that might help you to understand it. Maybe, you would just like to learn about it. Check out my Mental Health: Illness & Wellness board on Pinterest. You can find the link to my blog’s Pinterest page on the right side of the page. I will be posting some links on the blog that I hope you will visit, as well.

An open window to my amazing crazy

This is quite a humbling experience, to be honest. First, you are opening up a window to your life. You are literally inviting everyone who passes by to poke their head inside and help themselves to a look around. Talk about scary! It is especially scary for me. I mean, OCD is the least of my struggles, when it comes to mental illness.

Bipolar I Disorder Mixed and Major Depressive Disorder together, is sometimes a lethal combination. Again, many good reads on my Mental Health: Illness & Wellness board on Pinterest. This combination is a real life battle that I deal with on a daily basis. I am also a bit of a perfectionist. Well, more than a bit, but far less that I used to be. I would say I am a work in progress…slow progress, but progress, nonetheless. I also have a huge fear of rejection, which enhances my anxiety disorder. Yes, friend, that struggle is very real! Yet, here I am, opening my life for the entire world to see, judge, and even comment on. I think I have lost what little sanity I had left.

Item Description: A white circle table with several white sheets of paper with different things printed on each sheet in black lettering. Some are big bold letters, some are smaller letters. There are three yellow flowers on the top right side on a sheet of paper that says "Creative Mess." They are in a crescent shape running from the top downward toward the left. The middle flower has green leaves but the other two do not have leaves. There is a clear, empty glass sitting on top of a yellow flower with green leaves and sheets of paper in the top center of the photo. To the right of that, there is a styrofoam cup with a small amount of liquid in the bottom, which looks like coffee. In the bottom center of the photo is the edge of the table with a black keyboard. A woman's hands with red painted nails are on each side of the keyboard. Below the edge of the table on the bottom of the photo, between her hands, it is black. The remaining edges around the table are white.
“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.” ― Pat Conroy, My Reading Life



Here is the deal. Some days, I will not write a single post; maybe even several days in a row. Sometimes, though, I will write a bunch of random posts all in one day. This is because blogging really is harder than I thought. And well, that is who I am, as a person, and I am ok with that.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to read this. I hope you will come back and share more of your time with me, as I write more posts. Leave a comment, if you like. I would love some feedback. I will reply to all comments.

Bonny J